Thursday, September 17, 2015

Common Consciousness, Diva Challenge #235 - Stripe String, TNTM #37 "T" and Sandra Strait, SQ1 Opus and more...

Gentle Readers,  (I just love that old form of introduction - it sets such a nice mood!)

It is always strange to me how when a lot of people are focused on something, their thinking and awareness seems to merge.  It's not exactly a psychic thing.  My husband has that.  He doesn't know things ahead of time, but he has an awareness when something has just happened.  It is spooky and unnerving, and quite real.  But in the Zentangle community, it seems to flourish in a good way.

Several times at the CZT training, we would all be standing around the table looking at the mosaic of all the tiles we had produced at the last session.  Someone would say, "Oh look at that one!  I love it!"  Sure enough, it would be mine.   Then I would immediately say "Oh, this one is my favorite!" and the person would identify themselves as the very artist who produced it.  It was really uncanny.  But it really struck me how we definitely have a connection through our shared passion.

Last week I was sitting at the dentist and started a tile with a "stacked tangle" format, which is basically a striped string.  I don't think I have done one like that before, although I have seen many. So I was startled to see the topic for the Diva Challenge on Monday! This one has my tangle Oybay at the bottom, for which I really need to post the steps.  Watch for that next week.

Then I thought, no cheating, you already had this started, so do another one.  I made diagonal stripes and filled in.  I added gold ink to the stripes, and it shows up pretty well on the screen.  My pearl shading is getting better, and I'm starting to think in terms of 3D a little bit.  I like it!
That's New To Me featured the letter "T" and artist Sandra Strait.  I chose Ta-Da, by the lovely Margaret McKerihan, and Sandra's Planateen.   I have not used Ta-Da before, as I found it intimidating at first.  Now that I have tried it, I will probably use it more.  Maybe I'll even do more than one square!  Ha!  Since I live where everybody's - I mean EVERYBODY's roof looks like Planateen, I decided to color it.  I used Inktense pencils and had fun with this one!

Square One: Purely Zentangle focused on Opus this week, which is another one I rarely use because I just never seemed to get it.  Now that I did this one, Opus may appear more often in my work.  I saw many lovely interpretations on Facebook, which does inspire me.

Beyond that, I just had a little fun with a few tiles just because.  The wobbly Tour is a Bijou tile, Mooka shares space with some leftover Zenith... and I did a deep ocean Narwal.  It's very dark down there!

So, another tangled week!  I will attempt to view and comment on everyone else's work, but I may not make more than a few this week.  My husband and I will be busy taking a "staycation" this week, hitting as many restaurants and fun spots in our local area as we can.  We had a vacation planned to Sonoma County, but the place is, sadly, on fire.  This is the second year we have had to cancel a trip there because of the terrible drought and the resulting fires.  Keep those people in your thoughts and prayers as the brave firefighters battle to keep them safe.  Here in Arizona, we are still grieving over the nineteen firefighters we lost in a similar fire a couple years ago.  We humans are a puny nothing in the face of nature's fury. 

Be safe, count your blessing, and tangle!



  1. Looking forward to seeing your step out for Oybay next week. Your tiles are all lovely and fit each challenge requirement beautifully. As for your other tiles they are perfect too, I love, love, love your deep sea Narwal

  2. Well, where do I start? The stacked one first - love the tile, deeply in love with that pattern at the bottom. Come on, girl, get those step outs out, so to speak. I neeeeed to give it a try. Then the depth on tile 2 and the gentle colours on tile three, both rather lovely, I thought. You seem to have got Opus wrapped around your little finger in a manner of speaking and the wobbly Tour looked fine to me. Slightly envious of the Mooka, I really struggle with it. And then that Narwal - wowzer, as my daughter would say. It's splendid. Your staycation has really been productive, hasn't it?

  3. Your work is lovely and you did a great job on your TNTM tile! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

  4. I like very much tangle with long laces on your first tile. Fourth tile is beautiful too !

  5. All beautiful work! Love your creations of Ta-da and Opus the best ;-)

  6. After all the nice comments you made on my blog, I feel that I just don't have the words to be as thorough as you were LOL! I love your work and we WILL have to get together some day, if only to chat. Yes, I did a diagonal too because the idea of stacked stripes just was a bit boring to me. I really like the way you colored in the mini-stripes. Your shading of Tipple is indeed well done, the Opus is beautifully dramatic, and my favorite is the Narwal on the black! Enjoy your "staycation"!

  7. So many gorgeous tiles! I love your Diva tile, so beautifully drawn and the shading is outstanding! I love "Tada, it's my new favorite pattern. I'd love to see your steps for Oybay!

  8. I love your new tangle and like to see the step out. Your two tiles with stripes are very beautiful. The rest too.
    Yes, even here in the Netherlands we see those fires in the news. Must be so frightening.

  9. Oh Antonine these are all beautiful! I particularly love the second one. And please do post the steps for Oybay! It's gorgeous! <3 :-)

  10. Al your tiles are very beautiful and very elegant, you have a very straight hand. And your new pattern is awesome, i look also forward for the steps.

  11. Such lovely works really do demand a lot of words to do them justice - but I'm gobsmacked! Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous. I had been wowed by your Opus tile on Facebook, but you've given us several more that are really wonderful. Such a pleasure to call and see - inspiring!