Monday, October 12, 2015


Back when I was starting to tangle, I had a friend who took her daughters on a trip to Paris.  I sat home dreaming of such a trip for myself, which may or may not ever happen.  Another friend loves to decorate her home with French accents, which I so admire!  For me, that would be the ultimate cultural and wine-and-dine travel destination.

When I came up with the pattern, I sent it to Linda Farmer for consideration for publication in her excellent website  I wrote:

I was thinking about how experiences and places and DREAMS OF places can affect our art.  One of my dream destinations is Paris.  I looked at photos of the Eiffel Tower, and wondered how to include that in my Zentangles. (yes, I have tried Y-Ful Power, but I’m not so good at that one)  I have been using a number of patterns that utilize the “rice shapes” lately, and got to playing with those.  I started with parallel lines, added rice shapes and half-moon shapes, and surprise, up popped the little towers! It’s very easy for those of us who are fairly new Tanglers.  It can be used as a border or as a fill.  I’d love to see how others would use the pattern.

Linda did publish it with a very nice description, and I was so very honored!  So once again, I will put this forward for your consideration, and would absolutely love to see how all you creative Tanglers would use this pattern.
Happy travels!

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