Thursday, July 31, 2014

Look Into My Eyes

Look into my eyes...
I started playing around last night with my new handy-dandy circle template from Michael's, and made a string on the tile with just a big circle in the middle (sort of - I didn't measure),  I have said I don't really get the Zendala part of Zentangle very well.  I typically don't like repeating parts all around the circle, and of course, my OCD thinking won't let me NOT make it the same all around, so I just have avoided them.
This one just sort of happened by accident.  It reminds me of something an old-time hypnotist would hold in front of your face and spin.  I may have to reassess my position and try Zendala for real!
P.S. OK, now you all know what my kitchen counter looks like - Hehe...

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