Thursday, February 12, 2015

Diva Challenge #204: Valentangle and SQ1 Well

I try not to "corrupt my palate" by viewing everyone's entries to the Diva challenge before I do mine, but I have been slow on the uptake this week and thought I would sample a few.  I checked out the Duchess's entry, which was really lovely and innovative.  Her blog mentioned that her kids refer to the February 14 observation as "Singles Awareness Day".  I love that!

You may know that I recently, in my dotage as it were, married the excellent Mr. Joe.  Prior to that, I was single for 33 years after having been married only 7 years, with the last two of those being legally separated.  I'm all for romance and marriage, mind you, but it just never worked out for me during that time. 

All those years I watched others celebrate Valentines Day with their sweethearts, receiving lovely flower arrangements at their offices, sporting new jewelry, enjoying oysters and champagne at divine restaurants, weekend getaways, teary FB tributes to their loves, yada-yada-yada...  I watched HGTV episodes on Shabby Chic decorating with hearts, doilies, roses  and pink depression glass table settings.  I endured grocery aisle magazine displays of pink and red filled covers extolling the romantic delights of the day.

Bah humbug!  I could really have used Singles Awareness Day!

But now, here I am, far from my birthplace,  in the Valley of the Sun with my loving husband.  Add the bonus of his sister and brother-in-law living a couple of miles from us (double date entertaining!!)
and a community of over 55's with every type of activity and entertainment  you could want.  So guess what?  I'm hosting a Valentines Day dinner for six with an elegant menu and pretty red and pink decorations all over the place!  Life really is like that box of chocolates. 

So, Happy Valentines Day and Singles Awareness Day to us all!

Here is my take on the Diva Challenge.  I had this heart laying around (all too true...) so I tangled it.  I don't know what the paper is, but neither pencil worked very well on it, but oh well.  Life is not perfect, but can be good anyway!


For the Square One Focus, the tangle this week was Well.  I wanted to try out a few of the various layouts, which give it a very different look each time, but as in life, once I got finished dressing, there wasn't time.  This is "Well Dressed":

Well Dressed


  1. Wow!
    I love your heart!
    The color is awesome but the tangles in it are amazing. Very good work!!!
    And "Well dressed" looks like there are real pearls in it. A good choice of patterns!

  2. Das Herz ist toll und die Idee dies auf einem rosa Hintergrund zu zeichnen ist eine tolle Inspiration

  3. I love the white accents on the heart

  4. Wow! That's a very pretty and elaborate rendition of Well.

  5. Like the highlighting on the Challenge tile. Is a nice contrast to the pink background. I saw your Square One tile on FB. Stunning work.

  6. The detail in both of your tiles is amazing. Lovely tiles.

  7. Both tiles are great. Have a fantastic dinner!

  8. Love your heart! It's beautiful. Your Well dressed is well dressed! :) Have a fabulous dinner! It sound fun and delightful.

  9. I loved to hear your Valentine story! Isn't it wonderful to meet someone later in life (I did too). Great blog entry, and your Valentine is really very beautiful and full of LOVE!

  10. A wonderful Post, Antonine. Love your Tiles. Both of them show your unlimited creativity and skills. Beautiful work so full of life. May your dinner party reflect your gorgeous art.