Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"NMeshed - A New Tangle; Sip and Tangle Party, Shading Zentangle Groovy, and Diva Challenge #272

Welcome Gentle Readers,

After a coupla-three weeks off, I am back with more things to share with you. 

First, I have been working on a new tangle, and I thought it was time to share.  I very much love 'NZepple and the relaxing process of drawing it.  I also really love tangles drawn in the Ogee grid.  One of my formerly released tangles is Fichy, which uses that grid.  It seems inspiration comes from all directions for new tangles, and this one took a round-about route.

On June 10, Ragged Ray posted a WONDERFUL tile for a C-Wing focus.  I commented that it reminded me of those stretchy party décor streamer thingies that I have always loved.

C-Wing by Ragged Ray
Then I started thinking about those mesh bags you get with some delicate kinds of produce.  Whenever I get those, I have this little regret about throwing them out because they are just so nice, and fun to play with too!   (I lead a dull life, OK?) 
Right about this time, Facebook challenges started popping up that used the Ogee grid or I managed to tuck the focus tangle into that grid.  Here is a little scrap paper play with Rundl.  I drew shapes into some of the grid openings a la 'NZepple, and thought, "Hey, this might be a new tangle!!"
I started this tile a few days ago, but somehow it got set aside and I never finished the shading I wanted to do.  Now I can't find it.  Oh well, it will turn up.


I saw another Facebook focus using the pattern Groovy.  That one starts with the Ogee grid, so I just combined my new baby with the Groovy for this tile.

So, without further ado, here is my new tangle 'NMESHED.  Once you get the hang of the Ogee grid (takes a bit of practice), the rest is easy.  Just trace the spaces as you would for "NZepple and have fun playing with the shapes.  I'm kind of stuck on the wrapped in string look since it reminds me of those delicious Italian cheeses that hang in the shops.  Mmmm... see, I told you EVERYTHING reminds me of food.

Remember back when we had our big "DO"  party with all the wine?  I posted a photo of some tiles I prepared for a Sip and Tangle party with a wine glass dipped in Cabernet and swiped with Moscato.  A friend hosted a birthday party for her friend Ellie and we used those prepared tiles.  I also made up some cardstock templates of 2" paper cubes and taught several tangles and had them tangle each side with one (or two).  Here is what my girlies (all beginners!) did with them. Aren't they fabulous?  I think they had fun!

Birthday girl Ellie in the center with our host Donna next to her


Finally, here is my response to the latest Diva challenge.  I love this one - the BWR color scheme is one I have in my home (actually cream and black and red...) and it just seems comfortable to me.  Here is what I came up with:


So, Gentle Readers, that is all I have for now.  The summer travel season is here, so our efforts to escape the heat may mean I won't manage a post every week (what's new, lately??)  I will definitely have my Zentangle tools with me and maybe even have the strength to document our getaways.  I really want to pursue a journal habit, but so far the blank page of a permanent book is more intimidating than a little square tile.  We'll see!

Thank you for stopping by today and know that I cherish all your thoughts and comments. 



  1. Love your Diva challenge tile. Great choice of tangles!

  2. So thrilled to see you mention my tile - glad it inspired you. I love the love of N'Meshed - I'm going to try it a bit later!

  3. Beautiful examples: the one of Ragged Ray, the ones from your friends, they all look so happy!
    I like N'Meshed and of course your challengetile too!It is a perfect mix of black/grey/white and red.

  4. Great Diva tile! I loved Ragged Ray's tile when I saw it too. Thanks for sharing your new pattern. I'm determined to get a handle on Ogee grids-mine go off the rails way too quickly and since 'nzeppel is one of my Fave 5 patterns I can "make it work!". Man, wine and tangle parties sound like a blast.

  5. Your Diva tile is soooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing the rest.

  6. The Diva tile is really nice. I love all the other things you shared as well, especially ones that your friends did. That's a great new tangle. Ogee grids, or any grids for that matter, aren't my favorite. This looks like it's worth a try though. We were going to go up to the mountains next week to get cool; however, the temps are over 90 up there as well. Guess it's pool time for us :)

  7. a delightful blog post, I love your process with the ogee grid...it is one of my favorites to play in, too. And, as much as I love all the pieces you have displayed here, my favorite is that turning cube, the N'zeppel spiral with the Printemps shading. Consider it inspired (and an inspiration...cuz I am TOTALLY going to try it!)

  8. Wonderful work! Your Diva tile is so Beautiful! I Love the combination, the brilliant Color and the great shading!

  9. Somehow I missed this post. Oh well, better late than never. I love the idea of a Sip and Tangle party and your attendees obviously had a good time. I'll have to, um, "borrow" that idea. First, I'll try it by myself---perhaps with a gin and tonic by my side----because, you know, summer. I can see how N'Meshed could be kind of addictive. Nice job on the black, white and red all over challenge.