Thursday, May 19, 2016

Diva Challenge #268 Bit-O-Black - and SQ1 Fugu - with SKYE and a Story, and Yew-Dee Shading

Gentle Readers,

This week I will be brief!  I have a party coming up, and if you want to know what kind, witness the fruits of our quick wine run! :-)

Also, I spent the morning cooking up the custard for Gabrielle Hamilton's amazing brown sugar ice cream.  Last time I made it, people were practically licking out the container.  So good!  I have shopping, patio and lawn furniture washing and cooking left to do before Saturday afternoon, so not a lot of time for tangling. 

The latest buzz on the Zentangle boards is Margaret Bremner's new tangle SKYE.  It is not the easiest to draw - requires focus!  But every Bremner tangle involves strong blacks, so perfect for this week.  Also, I was getting it ready for Eni Oken's Shading Zentangle FB page when I saw the Diva Challenge.


OK, here is the STORY/CONFESSION time for this tile...  I was working on adding Fugu to the SKYE pattern I had drawn.  Fugu is the feature tangle for the SQ1 FB page.  I had practiced SKYE enough that I could put it on a "real" tile, and then was adding Fugu around and underneath it.  Oddly, it has quite a bit in common - shapewise - with Margaret Bremner's other recent tangle, Pixioze, so I thought it would work well.  Ah, relaxing Zentangle...until I fall asleep and the pen shoots across the tile leaving a very big "opportunity".  CONFESSION:  I decided, fie on the rules, it is my tile and I will just fix that little slip with a white gel pen just like Whiteout back in the old typewriter days!  So I did, and was reasonably satisfied with that.  I continued to work on the tile, and then realized, "hey, it's Monday!  Diva Challenge!" I had just been thinking that my tile needed some bold black and maybe the structure of a border treatment. 

Serendipity!  I decided the side of my tile would look great with a black fill.  I also decided my penance for disregarding the "no mistakes" rule was to add the black side-shot line back in and proceed from that point.  I didn't even finish filling in the Fugu shape as I had started.  This is my Amish Quilt mistake moment. 

So, here is my Bit-O-Black "opportunity"!

Last week the Shading Zentangle focus was Yew-Dee.  I gazed admiringly at what others were posting on Facebook, but just couldn't get my groove, as it were.  Finally, I was fooling around in the sketchbook and hit on something I liked.  I had fun shading both the individual elements and the bigger form.

So, Dear Readers, that is it for this week.  Thank you for stopping by and know that I cherish all your thoughts and comments.  If I am not completely undone by the festivities this weekend ;-), I will report back next week...



  1. Whoa Momma, you managed to fit a lot into your Diva challenge type, but it holds together nicely as a composition. (I'm afraid mine lost its way and veered off into chaos. Uh oh, what does it mean when one starts anthropromorphizing one's Zentangle tiles?) BTW, if you hadn't fessed up to your transgression of the Zentangle "rules", I would have assumed that you absolutely CHOSE to make that section of your tile black. Excellent save!
    Good luck with your company weekend. We're moving in a few weeks and my hysteria is barely controlled.

  2. Lucky are the guests who are invited at your party!!!!
    Two gorgeous tiles, especially the first one with a very nice Skye and beautiful black accents to receive the right drama.

  3. Both are beautiful tiles and have a great time at your party!

  4. Wow! I don't think I've seen quite so many bottles of wine in one place at a party before. hahaha

    Your Diva challenge tile is lovely. I would've tilted the tile 90 degrees to the left so that the black filled in area would act as a backdrop. Really dramatic tile.

    Your Yew Dee looks wonderful too. Brilliant shading.

  5. Ha! My skids across the paper happen when I am in my Zen Zone and my hubby bursts into my studio! I sigh and then have to figure out how to incorporate this new mark into my tile! You did well! I hope you have a wonderful party. Perfect weather for one :)

  6. This tile is very interesting, I like it.

  7. Both are wonderful and very different! Especially I like your Yew-Dee tile.

  8. Great tiles. Like the contrast in the Diva Challenge tile. Your shading of Yew-Dee is fantastic!

  9. WOW! Your tiles are so beautiful!!!

  10. Wow, that is going to be a great party!! Wonderfuk tile for the Diva, I like the black background. I too have fallen asleep whilst tangling, face down into the tile. I think the no mistakes rule is meant to mean when you drew a mistake, not a slip of the hand while you are unconscious lol.