Painting and Such

Unhappy Little Sailor
Several years ago, I was on a boat excursion on Lake Michigan.  There was a father and little boy with us that day, and this little guy wanted to see everything out on the lake.  His father held him up for a while, but he preferred to stand up on his chair and peer over the railing.  The boat crew (of course) frowned on that and insisted he not stand on the chair.  Here he is, unhappy with his fate.

A new one -  Girl With Tasseled Parasol

I really need to learn so much to make a blog work!  One thing is to learn how to best photograph my work for online sharing. 

But...until I do that, here are some photos of my paintings, fuzzy and crooked may they be! 

The little blue-eyed beauty in two paintings is my granddaughter - hope she thinks I did her justice. The pensive girl in blue is my daughter.  And the one with the chair and armoire is sort of jokey because it hangs in the living room right next to the stuff in the painting.  I love to see visitors' reactions when they figure it out.  The columns in Pompeii are actually straighter in reality than in my very early effort painting.  But I figure, what-the-hey, they are RUINS, and who would know.


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    1. Thank you! This is what I'm doing with my old age! And Zentangle, of course!