Saturday, May 14, 2016

Diva Challenge #276 Duotangle (really #267, but more about that...), SQ1 Batumber-Hollyhock and A Bit of Color

Welcome Gentle Readers,

I got my Diva Challenge tile finished on Monday, but have been fooling around all week trying to complete a couple other focus challenges.  Bust...  When the inspiration dries up and you have other things going on (good stuff, really!), you end the week with not much to show. 

Just a bit of local color to start:

This is what you get when you throw in a $1.59 pack of seeds into a pot.

Marigolds started from seeds from last year's blooms

Aloe, Vinca and Hibiscus are all happy in this moderate weather.  We'll see what survives the coming inferno.

Speaking of color:

I have an upcoming "Sip and Tangle" type party at a friend's home, and thought I would pre-string some tiles for the guests.  Cabernet takes center stage, but I used a bit of Moscato to add an "optional" additional line.  I'm anxious to see how these turn out!

DIVA CHALLENGE #276 (I say it is #267 since last week was #266, but who am I?) DUOTANGLE POKEROOT AND DRUPE

I have been fooling around with my watercolors and managed to come up with this.  I am pleased, and now motivated to look into a watercolor class.  I have avoided them because I'm not a landscape girl, but maybe...


I had just been playing around with the newly published Hollyhock by Jason Lau when the focus on Square One came up with Batumber.  I think they must be related!

More stuff...


I saw the tangle Fluxogee by Hanny Waldburger, and gave it a try.  I wouldn't say this is totally perfected - the shading could be better - but I had fun, so here it is, folks!

So, Dear Readers, that's it for this week - late again, but mostly because I was procrastinating. Thank you for stopping by and know that I cherish all your thoughts and comments.



  1. Like the bit of color in your Diva Challenge tile. Water colors can be tricky. I took one class and feel like I need a lot more classes and time to practice.

  2. Lovely tiles -- the color really complements the pattern on the Diva Challenge.

  3. Wow, all very lovely. I never tried water colors this way, you have a lot of courage with a great result.

  4. Nice results of your " pack of seeds", I lke your way of drawing. My favorite tile is your Diva's challengetile. Beautiful colours. I know this technique is not so easy but you have done it very well!

  5. Wow, wonderful, every one. I love love love your watercolour Diva tile, and the sip and zen tiles...mmmmm

  6. Every one of these projects is so artistic and lovely. Your personal style really comes forth.

  7. Wonderful flowers, ours are just beginning to flower too, we have a lot of pots and they take a bit of watering. Wonderful painted drupe, you had just the right amount of colour on it. What a great idea to have a drink and tangle party, I wish I knew real people nearby who tangled.