Thursday, November 6, 2014

#192 Seton and Stained Glass Windows - plus a little making up for last week

This week's challenge references a pattern on some church windows.  I absolutely love stained glass windows and everything about beautiful churches!  If you have never visited our National Cathedral in Washington D.C., I encourage you, as a responsible Tangler, to make it part of your mission!  You will be inspired and delighted by what you see (we won't even talk about the Darth Vader gargoyle...)

The windows in the cathedral depict the typical scenes of saints and prophets and angels, but then there are some surprises.

There are scenes depiction our nation's history.

Some are just plain whimsical.

And then there is my very favorite that includes an actual chunk of moon rock embedded in the design.  It is exceptionally beautiful.

This week I received sad news that a dear friend and the choir director from my church in my former home state had passed away.  He was a warm, funny, brilliant (chairman of his local MENSA society) and enormously talented man.  Played the organ like nobody's business, and had been known to weave in a little rock music or Broadway theme into the most traditional church music.  It was often a good thing the choir sat at the back of the congregation, as it was hard to contain our grins and giggles when he did that. He will be missed by the many that loved him.

I decided to use the idea of church windows as I remember my friend and our wonderful church. I used Seton and added a tangelation of a pattern called Hastate.  In it's full view, that pattern lends itself very nicely to the look of stained glass.  I used it in the quarter-round portions of the Seton pattern.  I also snuck the little moon rocks into the first tile.  The second was done with Jelly Roll pens on a black tile. The little accent jewels in the first are also Jelly Roll.

LAST WEEK:  I missed posting last week, as life in our sleepy retirement community is pretty hectic in October.  I'm so overbooked!  I was honored to be named Artist of the Month by the Pebble Creek Art Club (about 140 members, I think), and was busy putting together my display for that honor.  Thank you, my esteemed colleagues.
I did work on some Betweed tiles, though, and figure better late than never.
The first one is straight-up Betweed in a sort of weave look.  It's OK, but I didn't impress myself.  The second is one where Betweed is the string, and other stuff fills it up.  Again, OK, but meh... The last one I DO like.  I did a challenge on the Square One: Purely Zentangle page on Facebook.  I am happier with this one, plus I tackled Punzel, which is a tough one for me.

So, happy November everybody.  I hope to have some good news to report soon.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Beaucoup de recherche. de beaux vitraux. Le premier dessin sur fond blanc est celui que je préfère.

  2. An awesome Post, Antonine. Love the stained glass photos. Congratulations on the "Artist of the Month" honor. You are so creative. Your Seton and Betweed tiles are so creative and well done. (Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend.)

  3. What a lovely tribute for your friend, Antonine! Your work is beautiful and especially the last one keeps catching my eyes.

  4. Beautiful inspiration. I love your interpretation of the stained glass to the tile.

  5. I totally agree with Omer. I especially admire the very first tile. Clean and neat and just enough colour to make it special.

  6. Your Seton tile is beautiful! The others too, by the way ;-)

  7. some very nice work here - really like your second seton tile - the colour is fabulous

  8. Great post. I like the stained glass comparison. Your black tile is really stunning. Like all the colors.

  9. Love your story about the musician friend who worked the broadway music into the sacred...just like life, huh? Such gorgeous memorial tiles of seton....LOVE the betweed too and yes the punzel is inspiring!