Tuesday, January 6, 2015

#199: Hitched - Diamonds ARE a Girl's Best...

Happy New Year, everyone!  I have to say I am always relieved to reach this point in the ongoing cycle of things.  This means I made it through all the fall-we're-all-back-in-the-swing things, made it through Thanksgiving dinner, through the cookie baking, package-sending, card-writing, partying, tree-up, tree-down, and vacuuming up all the glitter (yesterday, actually).  A little coasting sounds good right about now.

Happily, where I live now, winter means I actually need socks and I get to wear my cozy sweaters.  I sympathize with those of you who must scrape, shovel and slide your way through Januaryfebruarymarchapr until MAYBE it quits by Easter.  Stay warm!

We welcome our Diva back after the Holidays, and look forward to another year of inspiration and encouragement.

This week's UMT comes from Heidi Sue, with her tangle "Hitched".  Excellent!  I got hitched last year, and just received news that my beautiful daughter Meredith will be getting hitched soon. I don't know about my girlie, but I know I couldn't stop looking at that diamond ring I got.  Still can't. Thank you, Love! Something about diamonds is so compelling.  So I really like this tangle with its line of diamond rings. It's fun...easy...versatile...plays well...  When I finish this, I'll look at all the other great work posted by all you great Tanglers!

Another one I used in my tile is a new one from Mary Sergeant  called "Kuba". See it at her blog, artkettle.wordpress.com.  Her story is interesting and inspiring, and I really love this tangle!  My version of it has a vague automotive look to it, so I guess there is another tie to the term "hitched", right?  I added in Footlights and Florz to complete the design. 

Diamonds seem to be all over, as the weekly focus for the Square One group on Facebook is the tangle XYP, which is based on Xs that turn into diamonds.  I did two tiles for that group. 

So, we salute diamonds, getting engaged and hitched, and 2015!

To see more inspiring work by talented Tanglers, go to Square One: Purely Zentangle at https://www.facebook.com/groups/squareonepurelyzentangle/ and to http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com/.

Thanks for your interest in my page and for all your comments. 


  1. I love all your tiles. Your tile for Hitched shows a wonderful flow from one tangle to the next. I also like your XYP with Mooka. Did you also use Flying Geese? For some reason the first XYP reminds me of jeans and sneakers (go figure).

    1. Thanks, and yes, the Mooka one has a background of Flying Geese. Jeans and sneakers? Hmmm...well, Zentangle opens your mind in all directions!

  2. I love all your tiles, but the Hitched one is my favorite!

  3. Love your Diva Challenge, Antonine. Beautiful use of black in all of your patterns. Hitched and Kuba go together so well. Beautiful work. All of your Tiles in this post are beautiful.

  4. I like your tile and its shadows'work !

  5. Lots of dimension! Love it!!

  6. I like what you did, especially the first one with the fantastic contrast.

  7. Nicely done, and a great positive blog post! (Nice ring too!)

  8. All three are beautiful! Especially I like the first one with its fine contrast!

  9. Thanks for the introduction to Kuba. I really like what you did with it and the wrap-around. It looks great against your Florz. Hey, and Hitched ain't bad either! Wow what contrast!

  10. Congratulations on all the hitching----literal and figurative. Did you tangle that first diamond??? I'm picturing you hard at work in your fuzzy pajamas. Getting cozy is obviously inspiring for you judging by your beautiful work. I might have to try finding some warm PJs. Happy New Year.

  11. Looks like you had lots of fun playing with this tangle. Like the boldness of the first one and how you added the perspective in the second. Nice work.