Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Diva Challenge #243 Just a Tiny Taste, SQ1 Cyme, and Throwback Thursday #6


This is the 6th Throwback I'm posting (a day early, even!), and I want to share why I am offering this to participants.  One of the things we are asked to do in Zentangle is to reflect on the work we have done and how it made us feel.  It is not a contest or really even a challenge.  It is an invitation to reflect on not just the last tile we had in hand, but on some we did some time back.  Today, I wanted to look back at something that made me feel good when I finished.  It was not because I completed a "challenge" (although in this case my entry was for a challenge), but because I was just pleased with both the process of creating this piece and the final result.  I recall that I was very relaxed as I added each simple element and then took my time with the shading.

I did this in the spring, hence the Easter egg look.  I love the look of brown eggs, and was happy to include some in my design. Reflecting on it now, I also see that I put in some bread.  Not exactly Italian Easter Bread, but close enough.   I love the tan paper.  This was done in my sketchbook, which is a slightly different color than the Renaissance tiles, but which I may actually like a bit better.  I just had fun doing this and was really gratified when I had it finished.  So here is my Zendala.  I rarely do them, and I felt so good when I did this!

So I invite you to click on the link at the bottom of this post and show some Zentangle work that you remember made you feel good.  That's what it's all about, really. 


Diva Challenge #243 - Just a Tiny Taste

This was a very enjoyable challenge for me.  I tend to get carried away, not only with Zentangle, but in most areas of life.  I have long conversations with friends just when it is time to go home.  I always cook way too much - Honey, we really do need eight different appetizers!  If one Fannie May chocolate is good, then five must be better, right? 

So here we have been asked to use restraint.  This time we just want that one perfect jelly bean.  This is a life lesson for me.  True to my form, I didn't stop at one, though. So much for lessons learned...  Here are three that I did, the good Jelly Bellies, and maybe the booger flavored one as well.

First one I did - maybe not the best...
Are those root beer jelly beans?  Yum!  I like that tiny taste!
Maybe a taste of licorice in this one!
Speaking of taste, I thought I would put in an update on last week's tasty prospect - that Gourdgeous giant squash I had.  I did cook it, but the best part was the beautiful butterfly that grotesque thing became when I cut it open.  Another life lesson in there, I believe...


Square One - Focus Cyme

What to do with those precious tiles you screw up?  The ones that you can't turn into "opportunities".  Well, you can cover the wrong turn with black ink and use it as part of your string!  That's what I did here.  Cyme is one of those "focus" tangles that I rarely use unless, directed to do so.  It turned out OK, and I did have fun with the pen switching.


So that's all I have this week.  Short and simple, and hopefully sweet!

Know that I cherish all your thoughts and comments, and especially your Throwback participation.





  1. I love the throwback easter tile.
    And the last tile was really clever as well. I, too, use black ink to cover areas that I've messed up that can't be changed into opportunities. I guess that's a different opportunity all on its own. :)

  2. Love your throw back tile! Beautiful! Your just a taste tiles are wonderful too! Yum, what a lovely squash!

  3. That Zendala is gorgeous. I can see why it made you happy. It is hard to be a minimalist. Like when someone asks if you want a cookie. "A" cookie? Give me all of them! These are lovely, however :) Black has been my best friend more than once and it sure beats the Bronx Cheer for "mistake" covering. Looks great!

  4. I agree with Jean - your zendara is amazing! But the others are beautiful too. :)

  5. You really should do zendalas more often! This one is breathtaking.

  6. love the gourd! ha! who'd a thunk it...a butterfly inside that funky thang. Great tiles, too...the zendala is really special. The middle minimalist tile reminds me of a middle class couple getting ready to go out to an awards dinner. There's teh tie, and look at the little jewel she will have him fasten around her neck. Good work!

  7. I love your TBT zendala! It (along with much of the work I see here) inspired me into a toned paper, sepia/brown world that's been pretty much uncharted territory. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I love your TBT challenges because it's soooo important to reflect regularly on your Zentangle journey. You rock!