Thursday, January 14, 2016

Diva Challenge #250 - Back to the Old School - Hey, It's a Throwback! , and SQ1 Henna Drum

Hello Gentle Readers,

Now that the holiday frenzy is over and we are past the sumptuous feasts with all manner of delicacies, champagne, cocktails to delight any number of your senses, it is time to settle down and begin again.  Put on the pot of soup bones, chop up those old standby carrots, onions and celery and prepare for another kind of pleasure - the Old School kind!

When the house fills with the aroma of soup simmering on the back burner, you may do as I do and put the other kettle on for a lovely cup of tea.  As confirmed coffee lover,  I nevertheless adore the fragrance of Earl Gray or some of the spiced and orange infused herbal varieties.  These piping hot sippers take me to a place of contentment and peace.

So it is with Zentangle.  We rightly enjoy taking our practice of this beautiful art form in as many directions as our imagination will stretch.  Color washes, 3D fold-up ornaments, vivid gems and luscious marker-colored masterpieces.  But this week, we are brought back to our original story of simplicity.  We focus on a small square of beautiful paper, set our boundaries with a pencil, and begin our journey with a fine line of black ink.  We finish with some magic tricks with the pencil, and after a rather short time, we have a tiny masterpiece on which to reflect.  We feel satisfaction and pleasure in our accomplishment, though only a small work.


I feel like our Diva keyed in on our Throwback idea this week!  So, guess what?  I will use this as my throwback theme and not bother with recreating the wheel!  I started the first tile with original tangles and the original four corners, border and string.  This is not a masterpiece, but a pleasurable process and outcome.  I included Peanuckle, which has provoked all kinds of "ugh, I don't like this one..." reactions on the various Facebook and online groups.  I must disagree - it was one of my first loves!  I think it is fun to draw and is such a surprise when you move from initial construction to the finished pattern.  Our old friends Mooka, Tipple, Fescu, Cadent and Huggins join the party.

The second one uses Margaret Bremner's rope string (my humble version of it, anyway).  Again, I used original tangles, but the wonderful wrap of the string makes it look unusual.  I had fun with this one.  I used Enyshou, Vega, Punzel, Shattuck, and Jonqual. 
The focus this week was Henna Drum, which is one I rarely use.  I don't seem to connect well with the organic, flowy garden patterns.  (I don't do well with real gardens, either...)  I had some vague idea in mind using Mooka, but I didn't envision the way this turned out.  Somehow, these are like lady creatures bowing and curtseying to each other in some alien minuet.  I kind of like it!
So, Gentle Readers, this is all I have for this week.  Simple, straightforward, no stress.  Just what I needed!  I hope you are all finding rest, refreshment and new purpose in this new year.  Thank you for stopping by and know that I cherish your reflections and your comments.
If you would like to share your throwback - of any Zentangle kind - click on the Mr. Linky below and attach your link.



  1. Love your Henna Drum, although of course the other tiles look great too.

  2. I Love your china tea cup! Beautiful pattern. Your tiles are lovely too, all three of them. I love the alien henna drum minuet.

    1. Thank you! I inherited that china from my aunt, and I love it!

  3. Great tiles. I like the shading. Your second tile really stands out for me. I agree with your comment about Peanuckle. I enjoy doing it and enjoyed trying variations/tangleations.

  4. Beautifl tiles! I love them all , but the Henna drum is my absolute favourte! The combination with Mooka is just stunning!

  5. Gorgeous! There are those flirty Mookas again;-) I love what you did with the rope string. Those patterns are so beautifully drawn with the highlights, sparkle and shading, they really come to life.

  6. All are lovely, especially in their 'simpleness'.

  7. All are beautiful! Especially I like your Huggins in the first tile and your Mooka-Henna Drum is fantastic!

  8. All your tiles are so beautiful!

  9. It's nice to see that you and Donald love poor Peanuckle! I do love the scratchy shimmer on the second one, and the Henna Drum with Mooka is really spectacular!