Wednesday, July 23, 2014

For the Zen part

We retired to Arizona for sunshine (plenty of that!) and easy living.  What I forgot is that we still keep getting older...OH NO!  My joints actually get stiff and achy even here - who knew?

I decided it's time to revive my interest in yoga. I used to do this - about fifteen years ago!  Since I am not ready to get out the door for a 6:00 am class, nor do I want to give up my morning walk around the neighborhood with Mr. Joe, I decided to try a DVD for beginners.  So, mat unrolled in the living room, strap and blocks at the ready for all those places I cannot (yet) reach, I embarked on my new plan.  Arms up, palms forward, inhale, bend down, step back to downward dog...OK, I can!

Standing up, I do just fine. Once I need to bend over or get on the floor, I'm in a bit of trouble. Oh, I can get down there all right (for the up part I need to pause the action for the lengthy getting back up plan execution, though).  The big problem is I can't see what the heck they are doing over the top of my glasses!  This, I'll have you know, has nothing to do with advancing age!  Since about age six, I have been extremely myopic (that is, blind as a bat)!   Wait, what is he doing now???  I think I missed a pose...  I'm supposed to what??  So now, contact lenses in for 25 minutes of yoga?


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