Sunday, February 1, 2015

That's New To Me Week #4 - sorry I'm late...

I got a late start on this, but had fun getting to know U!

I used Undling, Umble, Uncorked, and Uni.  My new Strathmore Toned Gray sketch book was calling to me, so new tangles on new paper.

This was more challenging than I anticipated. The texture of the paper is different than official tiles, and the color requires some new thinking.  But here is what I got, and after this sporting event on TV, I will give some thought to "M".


  1. I was running a bit late too. Love your tile. Very nice contrast and detail.

  2. I love your uncorked & all the shading.. pretty tangle

  3. The grey paper gives it such a different and lovely look! Undling looks so metallic here and I like how the center of uni looks lik eyes.