Thursday, October 1, 2015

Diva Challenge #237 - Stencil, TNTM #39 "I", SQ1 Zenith (more Zenith - really??) and FIRST EVER THROWBACK THURSDAY

Hello, Gentle Readers!

Right off the bat, I want to plug my new idea (well, I've been mulling it over for a while...) about running Antonine's Throwback Thursday.  I had been looking back on my old tiles and realized how much I have learned over the last three years about Zentangle.  I took an old tile that I had been pretty pleased with at the time, and reworked it to make it "better" with some of  my newfound techniques.  I posted the reworked tile in my blog last week, but then thought, uh-oh, I should have included a "before" image too.  So, this week I am posting a before and after at the bottom of this blog, along with a Mister Linky thingy so you can do the same.  Pick something you did a while back - maybe when you first learned to tangle.  You can rework an old tile, add color to a black and white, add more shading or rounding or completely blacken a section and re-tangle it with white on black.  Maybe  post an old tile with a tangle you maybe didn't execute so perfectly, and then show us your stuff now! For example, I know I am not alone in saying I didn't used to be so good at Mooka, but I'm getting better with practice.   Share your progress with us!


Diva Challenge #237 - Stencil and Tangle

You know me by now, right?  Nothing more to say about this one with Cabernet...


That's New To Me "I"

I used Jennifer Hohensteiner's Ipso and Adele Bruno's Iza, along with a little Narwal-esque thing.


Square One: Purely Zentangle - Zenith

Really?  More Zenith?  OK, so this time I made it into a grid type thing.


Here is a before and after of something I did back in 2013.  I thought at the time that I had shaded and done a decent job, but looking back, I could see room for improvement.  They look a bit different because one is an iPhone photo and the other is scanned, but I still think the second one shows a lot more dimension and is more interesting just by adding more shading. 

What can you re-visit from your tangled past?  I'd love to see what you have and hear what brought you back to it.  Click on the link below and add your image.  If you participate in the Diva Challenges and the Suzy Mosh Challenges, you know how!

So, I'm off to a busy weekend with classes and the arrival of a dear friend who is moving to my neighborhood!!   I'll need to reclaim that corkscrew... Yay!




  1. Hehehe I'm tickled by your Diva tile..LOVE your stencil! :-D The New To Me tile is fab too and your Zenith looks almost like an ornate stone and glaze decoration on a wall.Lovely :-) Huuuuuge difference in that throwback tile! How your talent has grown! I've only been tangling a few months so I would have very few actual tiles to work with but I def have some tangles that I've improved on or that I could revisit :-)

  2. Lovely tiles, Antonine and I love your throwback idea - however, I don't have any reworked tiles just yet as I'm a bit short on free time just now. I really like what you did with yours - I do like brave shading! I will take part when I get a mo - I'm sure I've got some tangles I could improve on!

  3. Love, Love, Love your Diva tile! I saw your Zenith tile on Square One this morning- it's FAB~so beautifully drawn and that sparkle really enhances it. I'm totally down with your Throwback Thursday. I just have to dig up the oldies. I've become obsessed with shading. Gorgeous work as always Antonine!

  4. Love your diva tile! To fun, and wouldn't it look great framed and in the kitchen or bar area of a home. Your zenith is awesome. Very interesting way to use it, and the shading really made your throw back so much better. the the depth that you now have in it.

  5. Winos unite! I love what you used for the stencil, and it turned out fabulous! Thanks so much for participating!

  6. Let`s have a glass of wine!! Cheers!!
    Antonine, you tiels are so phantastic - I love them all.
    What a good idea to revive older and beloved tiles... I started just this year with tangling and do not have so may tiles yet, but I attach one which I love.
    Wish you a nice weekend!

  7. Ha,Ha, that Diva tile made me laugh so much - a corkscrew with a red wine backwash, wonderful. Your other tiles are just as brilliant. I shall keep your challenge in mind and see what I can did up, although I only have a few months under my belt to look back on.

  8. I do love your string, what a brilliant idea.

  9. Very nice work! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

  10. I finally had a chance to dig into the archives for Throwback Thursday. I just joined the Shading Zentangle Facebook group, so let's see if I can give some of these oldies new life. This should be fun!