Thursday, October 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday #3 I forgot all about..., Diva Challenge #239 Munchin Play, SQ1 Pokeroot and TNTM #41 "Z"

Gentle Readers,

It has been another busy week (how did I ever find time to WORK?) here in the Valley of the Sun.

In the last week:
Black Tile class on Saturday went very well.  We focused on techniques on black that you don't see every day.  The new Fabrico marker addition opens up so many possibilities.   I'm desperately seeking someone in our local art club to act as secretary.  I know, a grunt job with no glory!  Of course, everyone approached has politely but firmly declined.  Hubby is on a kick to get new wine glasses to enhance our tasting pleasure, so we have been greeting the UPS driver with a smile and a plan for the evening on several days this week.  I like my man's thinking!  Baking my first batches of biscotti of the season, this time with a twist.  I found a recipe using lavender and hazelnuts (I just happened to have both) instead of anise and almonds.  I decided I like my base recipe better than the one I saw in the magazine that purports to test the bejezzus out of everything, so I stuck with my tried and Antonine tested.  I have a recipe secret of my own... Dough is in the fridge waiting to bake later today.  I can't wait to taste them! Dinner with friends this past Sunday at a really nice Scottsdale restaurant (yum!) and dinner tonight with the inlaws who have out of town friends in.  Yum again! After last week's cooking class, all the nice dinners and cookie baking, I dread getting on that scale.  But - life is short - enjoy every minute.  Every BUSY minute.

Temperatures are beginning to moderate...the highest day this week was only 100! By the weekend, highs should only be in the upper 80's.  I just can't wait for that first crisp morning when I can throw the windows and doors open! 

So, on to the reason we meet today.

There are so many great tangles out there that sometimes in the rush to try the next best thing, we forget all about some we really enjoyed in the past.  I pulled out two tiles from a while back - one in December 2012 when I was just getting started, and one a few months later - using the very unique tangle "Fungees".  You can see the stepout plus a cute video featuring creator Leslie Crumpler.

This first tile amazes me because I did it so long ago, and I wonder if I have progressed or regressed.  I really love this one (she modestly exclaims)! 

This second one focuses more on Fungees as the focus, and I like the delicate look of it.

So what to do for a throwback?  I'm not sure I want to change or improve anything on those two tiles.  So, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik...

I decided to take an entirely new approach to this tangle and try my Prismacolor pencils on black, which I may actually have never used on my tiles. I laid down a layer of Zenstone, added my Fabrico shading first and then the ink and pencil.   Perhaps a clumsy first effort, but I do like the result, and I vow to try more!

So the Throwback Thursday challenge is to use a tangle you have forgotten.  Make it better, use it in a new way, whatever you can imagine with a tangle from your past that you revisit.



I have been working with Munchin in my black tile class, and were it not for Molly Hollibaugh's instruction with that tangle, I probably would never have used it.  I will say it is very relaxing to draw and requires very little thinking - just doing.  That's the best part.

Here in my first effort, I decided to get fancy and pretty much destroyed the Zen-ness of the experience because I had to keep changing pens and matching up lines and everything else that is anything but relaxing.  The little gold dots were the most relaxing part, although they don't show up so well in this photo.   However, I like the result and stand by it.

Next, I picked up the Fabrico marker - I can't quit that thing!  In retrospect, I could have gone with a lighter gray from another set I have, but that's OK.  My goal was to show a sort of floating shadow of the pattern.  This one WAS relaxing and fun.



I chose Zazzy by Sue Clark and Reticulated by Livia Chua.  I actually had to abort my first attempt at this because, no matter how hard I tried to love all of God's creatures, I just couldn't warm up to this cold blooded baby. Sorry sweetie.

So, using the same two tangles, I decided to transform the rascal into a border and soften his look. This one I can snuggle up to. Haha!



Let me say I saw some wonderful versions on FB of this tangle.  This one is my one attempt, and although I'm OK with it, that's it.  Just OK.  I had fun with the shading.  Moving on...

So another week come and gone, dear readers.  Thank you for stopping by and know that I cherish all your thoughts and welcome your participation in the Throwback challenge. 

Antonine ***


  1. All your tiles are beautiful, but your first Diva tile is my favorite. Wonderful composition!

  2. Oh what a joy to visit your blog, Antonine - a real feast for the eyes and inspiration too. I absolutely love your first Throwback tile. Fantastic! And very impressed with your positive/negative Munchin tile which must have been quite a challenge but the end result is definitely 'wow'. And I also really do like your Pokeroot tile and agree that there have been some wonderful versions of this supercute tangle this week - so far, I haven't done one myself but the day is young!

  3. omigosh! Everything here is outstanding. I especially love your Diva tile~the whole composition is beautifully bold. I believe that this challenge has finally enticed me to the dark side;-) I actually produced an unprovoked white on black tile for It's a String Thing this week~a first! I would love to get my mitts on that recipe for lavender & hazelnut biscotti. You've got me thinking about my holiday baking now. You are such an inspiration! I have two TBT tiles in the works and hoping to get them scanned and included in my next post;-)

    1. Thank you Michele! I may be persuaded to share my recipe at some point but what I can do is look for what magazine had the first one. Glad you are dipping into life on the dark side. What I love is that you do have to think "backwards "!

  4. I can almost taste those biscotti. As for the tangles, so much lovely work and so well done. It might not be very Zen-ny but it's nice to have an idea and follow it through sometimes. all in all, I like everything I see here but the Fungees on black and the renaissance tile are top of my list.

  5. Great post, Antonine. I enjoy reading about your adventures and processes. You made me think about "getting better" and so I looked at some of my old tangles. I don't see that what I do now is any better than before. I think it's still all about the journey. All of your pieces are lovely.

  6. Phantastic works! I love especially the Munchin tiles, the one with the black/ white backgrond is very special! I love it.

  7. Nice floating effects on both Munchins - the first one looks like it's floating over a fabric swatch - very cool.

  8. Wow, you were very busy this week and with such beautiful results.

  9. What a wonderful and inspiring post! So many beautiful pieces!

  10. This is all great work! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

  11. What lovely work! All of it! You certainly have been busy!

  12. Great body of work. Like the shadow effect of the Munchin tile.

  13. I really like your Munchin tiles. You did an excellent job of making them feel three dimensional and floaty. Nice.

  14. I really like your Munchin tiles. You did an excellent job of making them feel three dimensional and floaty. Nice.

  15. It is nice to hear of 100 weather or even 80 :) It has been going below freezing here on nights!! I have never thought to use colored pencil on black - I will have to try it sometime!! Your Munchin are both very cool!! Your New to Me Z ... well I prefer #2 also. The tan color is lovely!! And wonderful PokeRoot!! :) :)

    ~ Diane Clancy